Premold Corp Expands to Mexico 2016-2017

Premold Corp Expands Into Mexico

Premold Corp's Sister Company - PREMOLD CORP MEXICO SA de CV


Premold Corp, a custom reaction injection molding (RIM) supplier of plastic enclosures for specialty equipment, has announced the addition of a second location in Monterrey, Mexico. The factory started pilot production in October 2016 and full production in December 2016. Premold has achieved steady growth throughout its 35 year history at its factory in Oconomowoc, WI. “Establishing a sister company, Premold Corp Mexico SA de CV, is a continuation of that growth and offers numerous advantages to customers.” noted Premold Corp, President Ken Schweitz. Premold will also continue to expand its Wisconsin factory. “Our Monterrey, Mexico factory will allow us to produce lower cost parts with the same quality and delivery for our customers who need this option.” said Schweitz. “There are also logistical advantages that will benefit many of our customers as the medical device market continues to develop in Central and South America. We are excited about adding Premold Corp Mexico to our family. This is another example of how Premold Corp is North America’s most advanced RIM part supplier for specialty equipment.”
Services offered:
  • Painting
  • Assembly
  • Finishing
  • Decorating
  • EMI shielding
  • Inserting