BIOMEDevice Trade Show December 2013

Posted by on November 18, 2013 | Comments Off on BIOMEDevice Trade Show December 2013

It is time to finalize your plans for the BIOMEDevice trade show.  If you have not registered and are in need of the admission pass promo code call Debbi at 262-569-9044 for more information.



While at this trade show event,  take some time to learn more about the reaction injection molding (RIM) and about the design generosity of this molding process. If you are involved in designing the enclosures or covers you will appreciate the design freedom and flexibility that this process offers.



If you have your CAD files with you, share them with us as  we can give you some feedback, as to whether this process may be a viable option for your project. We are interested in helping you find  a solution for your “low volume”project.