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In 1995 Premold Corp engineers noticed a need for a comprehensive, easy to use, quick reference design guide for RIM parts.   Drawing on their RIM experience and their plastic part designer experience, Premold Corp’s engineers created their first edition RIM Design Guide.   Since then many additions and refinements have been made.   The result is the most comprehensive, ready reference RIM Design Guide in the industry.

We will continue to keep the Design Guide current and to include the information you want in a straightforward, matter of fact style.   We publish it and make it available here to benefit everyone.


Download Premold Corp’s Design Guide


In our RIM Design Guide you will find:

  • Advantages  of the RIM process
  • RIM Materials
  • Understanding RIM process
  • How to design for the RIM process
  • Design Guidelines
  • Cost saving ideas
  • Insert and encapsulation molding
  • Painting and Decorating
  • Design for Quality Assembly
  • Threaded inserts
  • Reveal joint design
  • Tolerances
  • EMI Protection