Diagnostic System Covers

Posted by on October 17, 2013 | Comments Off on Diagnostic System Covers

Premold Corp produces low volume polyurethane plastic parts that are typically used on med/lab instrumentation.  The ceiling for RIM molding is about 2500 EAU. If your quantities are much higher then conventional injection molding or another process may be a better fit.

Our engineering team can assist with your complex molding challenges, and can help discern if the RIM process will be a good fit. Using this process you will quickly realize how design generous the process really is.  Are you aware you can have thin and thick walls within the same geometry and you may be able to integrate your geometry, saving on tooling?

You are welcome to submit your drawings so we can discern if the RIM process may be your solution. Call us for more information about specific project quantities 262-569-9044.