MD&M Minneapolis, MN 2013

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Now is a good time to register for this “Medical Device and Manufacturing ” trade show.  This event will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center October 29-30,2013.


You will have an opportunity to interact with representatives from Premold Corp at booth 1116 about your low volume “life science” concept. If you have drawings, by all means bring them along.  At the show you will be able to get a look-see at the type of part geometries that can be achieved using liquid resins.  Since the liquid  resins are the viscosity of skim milk, we are able to easily fill out the mold.


The parts that we mold are polyurethane and the parts can be robust, we can mold thin and think walls within the same geometry.and often support ribs  may not be needed.  Using the Reaction Injection Molding process we are able to hold tight tolerances for precise fit-ups.  For more technical details about the RIM process, see our  technical Design Guide for RIM.