New RIM Molding Facilites

Posted by on May 8, 2013 | Comments Off on New RIM Molding Facilites

Premold Corp’s building expansion project  has been winding down, and the occupied buildings are more active  each day.  A number of departments have  already  begunto expand into the new facilities.  It is great to see the employees having  more room to work and additional space for the  expansion of  RIM molding production operations.


Premold Corp specializes in low volume molding. Typically we are molding bezels, covers, housings, kiosk and medical cart assemblies. The part(s)  we typically mold are about the size of a toaster all the way up to the size of a refrigerator.


Premold Corp enjoys the challenge of  complex RIM molding projects.  Send us your CAD  files for engineering to review.  We’ll be able to evaluate the geometry to see the RIM process would well suited for your “low volume” molding project.