Premold Corp Design Guide 7th Edition

Posted by on October 4, 2013 | Comments Off on Premold Corp Design Guide 7th Edition

The  latest version of the Design Guide for RIM is now online.


We often hear engineers  and designers say how much they appreciate the content rich “Design Guide for RIM”.


The “Design Guide for RIM”  will provide you with  technical details about designing for the RIM process.   We provide you with information about the advantages of  this process to help to you discern if it is  a fit for your application.  We have provided  guidelines to keep in mind as you are designing your geometry. If you talk to us early in the design development  stage we can provide you with some pointers that may be able to to save you time and tooling costs.


If you look at the back cover you will seen a picture that shows the building expansion project.  Premold Corp has more than doubled the size of our facilities; due to growing demand for the stylized parts and  value- added services that we offer.