Premold Corp initiates volunteer help during slow times

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Original Article March 11, 2009 written by Donna Frake,  Oconomowoc Focus Newspaper,  Oconomowoc, WI
Premold  Corp finds ways to be resourceful during slow times. Employees at Premold Corp volunteered  to help the Lake Area Free Clinic.   With the economic slowdown Premold Corp had to be creative to keep employees working.   Premold Corp is a supplier of RIM (reaction injection molding) and specializes in low volume enclosures for medical devices and analytical instrumentation.

This volunteer work benefits the the customer’s because they are assured the skilled staff will be available to work on their parts for the projects in the “life science industry”   The community benefits by having Premold’s employees giving back to the community.  Employees are assured of the security of their work, plus they get a sense of pride from helping others in need.  Premold’s volunteer initiative is a win-win situation for all in the community.

Employees of Premold Corp Linda and Monica (pictured) helped to move furniture supplies, including the anatomy of a skeleton to it’s new location.

Volunteer at Lake Area Free Clinic

Linda and Monica move a skeleton at Lake Country Free Clinic


Bob at Premold Corp lends a hand in moving furniture at Lake Area Free Clinic

Local Volunteer Work

Premold Corp employees Linda and Rosie are cleaning and removing labels at Lake Free Area Clinic as part of their contribution

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