Premold is Positioned to Take-On More Projects

Premold Corp is in a great position to help you get the parts you need just-in-time.


Premold Corp has more than doubled its size of our production facility to 68,000SF. We also, just went an internal expansion of our prototype shop and we added additional new equipment. If you need a prototype or two, a few alphas, or betas, a trade show assembly to test the market, we are there to help you.



Premold Corp has its own in-house tool building shop. Having an in-house tool shop is advantageous for these low volume projects, as it allows you more flexibility if the tool design needs design modifications for ”next gen” projects. as we can make changes on-site. We’ll work with you to help you resolve your design challenges and maintain production of high quality, cosmetic parts.



Our goal is to provide just-in-time delivery in small batches, so you won’t need to maintain large inventories. If you expect to produce higher volume parts, but are not there yet, we can provide you with bridge tooling until your projects ready to ramp up to a higher volume production process.



We welcome your projects with complex geometry and we look forward to working with your on your next ‘low volume” project.