Millliohm Meter - measures resistance of EMI (electromagnetic interference)
First article inspection

Inspecting tooling components



Premold Corp is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We have implemented a quality management system to govern our processes used to produce the highest quality product for our customers. To accomplish this Premold monitors itself through robust internal auditing to confirm that its processes, procedures and controls are adequate to produce consistent, high quality products time after time.


Premold also exercises use of best practices including First Article Inspections and Initial Sample Inspection Reports.  Inspections are performed to verify our products meet the dimensional requirements specified by the customer.  This includes a complete dimensional layout of the first part off the tooling.


Quality is the driving force in establishing a system that provides our customers with the assurance that all of their parts are subject to a thorough quality assurance process.  To ensure every product passes stringent quality control requirements, parts are inspected throughout the production process.  Our combination of quality products, engineering expertise and excellent service allows us to provide a wide range of quality related services to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements.


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