Reaction Injection Molding May be Your Solution

Posted by on January 23, 2014 | Comments Off on Reaction Injection Molding May be Your Solution

The Reaction Injection Molding process can provide a good return on investment.

The RIM molding process is an ideal application if your geometries are not flat like a tray but are more complex. The volumes of molded parts are relatively low compared to conventional injection molding, a low EAU may be a few hundred parts/year to a few thousand/year.  Typically, the part sizes which are well-suited would be the size of a toaster all they up to the size of a refrigerator or smaller parts, if they are part of an assembly.


The RIM process differentiates itself by using liquid components in lieu of pellets; RIM is  a low temperature and low pressure process.  RIM molding uses liquid components that have the viscosity of skim milk and therefore fills out the mold. Since the pressure is low we are able to mold-in components  such as metallics and other materials. Often we are able to integrate the geometry to minimize the number of molds, which saves tooling costs.


Standard conventional injection molding requires the use of pellets and the molten plastic is injected with high pressure and high temperature into expensive steel tooling. Conventional injection molding is best suited for higher volumes of parts. The Reaction Injection Molding  (RIM) process can be the bridge before your project is ready for higher volume production.