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EMI Paint Properties

Spraylat 599-Y1399 (10-11-2008)



Spraylat is designed for the RIM process (Reaction Injection Molding) as it adheres well with the substrates used. Premold Corp uses Spraylat which is a copper conductive coating that was developed as an EMI shield and is well suited for enclosures for the medical/analytical device industry.

Molding Resins

Premold Corp has selected Carpenter ISP and Bayer Prism resins because they work well for RIM covers and housings molded for medical and laboratory instruments.


Carpenter ISP





Prism CM200  (10-08-2004)


Baydur 726 ISB   (10-08-2004)



R-IMpact+ (3-28-2016)


Polane 2.8T Plus

Polane 2.8 T Plus paint has all the characteristics of the older versions of Polane but with half of the VOC’s (volatile organic compounds i.e. solvents).  By converting older Polane paints to the Polane 2.8T Plus version, together we can make steady progress towards cleaner air.

Sherwin Williams PolaneT 2.8