Pad Printer used for decoration low volume parts - RIM We can deliver your parts complete with silk-screened or pad-printed letters and logos.   These options give you tremendous flexibility to decorate your parts while saving you time and money.   Premold Corp is your single source for ready-to-install plastic parts and subassemblies.


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Illustrates the pad printing set-up operation using a custom fixture







Illustrates the operator applying pad printing art work to Reaction Injection Molded parts


















A custom built fixture is positioned prior to silk-screening. A silk-screened image is being applied to a reaction injection molded part.

Prior to removing the custom fixture, excess ink is removed.













Silk-screen images

A silk-screen image has been applied to a reaction injection molded part.

Silk-screen images applied

Silk-screen images have been applied to a Reaction Injection Molded bezel.