Source for “Medical Grade” Molded Parts

Posted by on January 31, 2014 | Comments Off on Source for “Medical Grade” Molded Parts

Premold Corp recently expanded it facility and has more than doubled our size to a 68,000SF facility. We specialize in low volume “medical grade” parts for the “life sciences” industries.


Our engineering team will be most attentive to the technical details of your project.  We can assure the moldability of your polyurethane plastic parts. We’ll produce your parts efficiently, accommodate complex part geometries and may be able to integrate your geometry to reduce tooling costs.


We can provide economical tooling because expensive steel tooling is not used with Reaction Injection Molding aka RIM process. Premold Corp is a one-stop shop and can assist you with your lower volume part projects including alphas and  betas and assemblies.