Premold Process, Comprehensive RIM Solutions

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The Premold Process is a proprietary approach which sets us apart from other RIM manufacturers.  You receive customized design consultations and detailed engineering services that result in comprehensive solutions.

Customers tell that our approach is unique because how we do things sets us apart from other suppliers.

The Premold Process enables you to put complex projects into production without problems.

We provide design consultation to:

a.  Make your designs efficient for RIM.

b.  Save you tooling and lead-time.

c.  Use our Design for Quality Assembly techniques for high quality, efficient  assemblies and to convert designs from other processes.

Our detailed  engineering approach helps you:

a. Start planning for low costs and high quality during the quoting process.

b. Carry through to production your high quality designs with cost control.

You receive comprehensive manufacturing solutions that deliver:

a. Prototypes, production tool making and tool making in-house.

b. A vertically integrated supplier providing in-house design services, molding, painting, EMI coating, decorating, and assembly.

c.  Specialized ordering arrangements and KanBan shipment options. Resources page Premold Corp  Home Page

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