RIM Process

How it Works

Two liquid components, an isocyanate and a polyol, are placed in holding tanks. They are conditioned to the correct temperatures, pressures, and specific gravities. The dispensing unit pumps the correct amounts and ratios of each liquid during the injection phase of the molding cycle. Once combined and injected into the mold at low pressures and low temperatures there is an exothermic reaction that creates the plastic. This makes the RIM process suited for parts of many sizes, variable wall thicknesses, and complex geometry to be produced with attractive physical characteristics, dimensional stability and excellent chemical resistance properties.

Why Reaction Injection Molding

Premold Corp is a custom plastic molder specializing in the Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process. The RIM process allows us to meet our customers’ low-volume injection-molded plastic part needs. We use the RIM process to mold rigid polyurethane plastic parts using low molding pressures and low-mold temperatures. These advantages lead directly to low-cost injection molds, low energy requirements, and low overhead costs.

Our End-To-End Process

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