Fast, Flexible Prototype Services to Save Money and Reduce Time to Market

Premold Corp provides prototype parts quickly. Customer production parts may even be designed for a different process, like injection molding. Our cast urethane prototype parts have various advantages over other processes, such as reduced lead times and the ability to mold both preliminary and or final part designs. If Premold Corp provides both prototypes and production RIM parts, we can also provide valuable design advice during the prototyping stage.
prototype service 01
prototype service 02
Premold can generate Stereolithography (SLA) models from CAD files to create silicone molds. These silicone molds can provide many cast urethane parts for customers with very short lead times. These prototype molds can serve as bridge tooling until production molds are completed.

Premold’s prototyping services saves customers both time and costs by covering prototype and production needs simultaneously